Three Ways Dentists Enhance Healing in Dental Implant Procedures

One of the most critical questions dental implant patients ask their dentists is the recovery period. Unfortunately, most people think that the recovery period takes long since dental implant installation is a surgical procedure that opens up the gums to allow access to the jawbone. Notably, the wounds must heal first before insertion of the primary crown. Therefore, the quicker an implant site heals, the better your oral health. Luckily, dentists use various techniques to accelerate healing on dental implant sites, some of which are highlighted in this post. [Read More]

4 Ways to Deal with Dental Phobia as an Adult

Are you afraid to visit the dentist and unsure how to deal with it? Has it been years since your last appointment? While a dental phobia can feel insurmountable, there are ways to overcome it at any age. Visiting the dentist doesn't have to be a painful or scary experience, and many practices specialise in helping patients just like you. Take a look at the suggestions below to start the process of overcoming your fear of the dentist [Read More]

Can Invisalign Correct Tooth Overcrowding?

There are numerous dental problems that can only be corrected with orthodontic treatment. Overcrowding is, much like the term suggests, a problem with available space. This is when teeth become misaligned due to a lack of available space in your jaw. Instead of growing vertically with adequate interdental space between them, tooth placement becomes contorted, leading to the overall dental arch being misaligned. This overcrowding is sometimes only correctable with traditional metal or ceramic braces. [Read More]

Will the Pain in Your Tooth Go Away When the Nerve Dies?

An infected tooth can leave you in agony for days or weeks without dental treatment. The pain is due to the infection, caused by bacteria, reaching the nerve that resides in the middle of the tooth. Eventually, the infection will kill the tooth nerve, rendering the tooth essentially dead or non-vital. Some patients believe that tooth pain will subside once a tooth nerve dies since much of the sensation comes from the nerve. [Read More]